About ReTech by Techfix

Why ReTech

Launched by Techfix, a seasoned device repair company with 8 years of experience, ReTech Marketplace is committed to refurbishing used electronics to a sellable condition. Techfix’s extensive expertise ensures each item is meticulously restored, significantly extending its lifespan and reducing the burden of e-waste.

Resale Platform

Post-refurbishment, these rejuvenated electronics are listed on ReTech’s platform, providing a marketplace for consumers seeking cost-effective, eco-friendly alternatives to new products. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless buying and selling experience for all parties involved.

Promoting Circular Economy

ReTech facilitates a shift towards a circular economy by offering refurbished electronics, enabling individuals and businesses to lower their electronic waste footprint. Through our platform, consumers are educated and empowered to make environmentally-responsible purchasing decisions.

  • Resource Efficiency

By extending the life of electronics and reducing the demand for new products, ReTech contributes to decreasing resource depletion, thus fostering a culture of recycling and reusability.

Eco-conscious Community

ReTech cultivates a community of eco-conscious individuals and businesses aiming for a sustainable future. Through forums and educational content, we promote environmental responsibility and collective action towards reducing e-waste.

  • Educational Resources

ReTech offers a plethora of resources to educate the community on the importance of a circular economy and reducing e-waste. Through blogs, webinars, and interactive forums, we aim to spread awareness and inspire positive environmental change.

12 Months Warranty   Learn more

12 Months Warranty   Learn more